Home shopping can be both exciting and exhausting but doing some preparation before you hit the street to look at homes will help out tremendously.

Schedule Showings
It’s time to get out and see some of the houses you’ve been looking at in person. We will compile a list of the properties you’ve found as well as options I’ve found of similar properties on the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Here are some great tips to keep in mind when you’re viewing properties in person:

  1. Don’t view too many properties in one day
  2. Don’t be put off by decorations or paint, that is easily changed
  3. Bring a notebook and camera, or phone so you remember the details of every house
  4. Keep a folder with the printouts that you have gathered
  5. When you find a property you like, plan on visiting that property again, at a different times during the day
  6. Don’t hesitate of ask questions

Questions about the property

When you find a home you really like, there are some more probing questions you might want to ask. Remember, a professional home inspection will be necessary to completely answer most of these questions.


  1. When was the home built?
  2. How many owners has it had?
  3. How does the asking price compare to other houses in the neighborhood?
  4. What did the property sell for when the current owner purchased it?
  5. What year was it purchased in?
  6. What are the annual property taxes? Will the taxes increase with the transfer of deed?
  7. Is there a builder’s warranty on the property? What are the details of that warranty?
  8. Will there be additional structures built around the property that could distort the view?


  1. What is the level of ground maintenance that will be required?
  2. Are there any structural anomalies or problems with the outside area of the property?


  1. Are the appliances built in?
  2. Is there adequate insulation?
  3. What improvements / additions has the homeowner made to the property since purchase?
  4. What appliances is the seller offering in the sale?

Major Systems

  1. What is the age and condition of each major system in the home (plumbing, electrical, heating & cooling)?
  2. What type of fuel is the home heated with?
  3. What is the average monthly utility costs? What are the winter and summer highs and lows?


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